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Bicycle rental

Bike rental reservation

■Omotenashi Salon(AEON MALL Tokoname store, opposite GU) 
(Open all year round)
Bicycles handled: Various types

Rental price list

* All prices are tax included.

Bicycle parking considerations
* Make sure your read.

♦ Please note
・For safety, we will oblige you to wear helmets for all models.
-Bike rental for the pedal of replacement is is possible on your own your own take should replace
-Please note that excessive speed
-Helmets must be in the correct form wear please (pimp tight and after)
-Brake how to make (握rimashou lever firmly with both hands)
→ will lock the front wheel and hit the front brake (lever on the right side) only, such as "somersault" high falling accident caused 10-Please note

♦ insurance information
We recommend that the accident of my insurance
(Better is one day car rental in particular consider subscribing)
And you can easily purchase insurance are dealing with mobile phone company
* To join the ID of each carrier is required

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