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Membership recruitment

Pedal House members
Registration is free of charge.
To register e-mail addresses and links to "pedal House membership.
Will be issued. Presents the membership card and receive the latest information and special offers.

♦ benefits details

♦ email subscription click here
Thank you answer a short survey, and then connect to the following address
Please send an empty mail registration completion email when you receive the registration is successfully completed.
Please specify the domain of the "at-ml.jp" who has junk e-mail settings.

There are "pedal House membership" link-address email
Or, using your membership card when you save the registration completion email
Pedal House membership card images, screen print or save picture
Then, please use.

Rocker sandal lending services

"Want to explore in the Mall! But cycling is a... "
"Responding to the voice of the cyclists, we offer the rental of lockers & sandals.
Usage charges are at present the pedal House membership card once at 300 yen available.
Pedal House reception after the bike to pedal House baggage please, receive sandals and locker key.

Stand set up shop recruiting

Road bike stand set up shop recruiting