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Known for its Friday

2017May 12 -

Weekly Friday training day!
Pedal House is currently only on weekends(Holiday season is open(*^-^*))The business is.
So, for the weekend to pick up your Friday firm has prepared.
The pedal House [Peninsula ice cream]???
This preparation is very important! The freshest ingredients have been delivered in one morning, set the machine!
"I'm ~ and! Ready for today(‘◇’)Isuzu from tomorrow, delicious ice cream I will deliver. "
To tell the truth in me, like a big soft serve ice cream. If you go on a trip always will it land soft ice cream.
I was shocked this [Peninsula ice cream] is not a compliment, it is delicious than anywhere else!
In staff-(*^-^*)And pleased with stealthily.

Soft serve ice cream is eaten this weekend is worried about the weather. Yoroshiku(*^^)v
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