Pedal HouseWe offer a wide range of car rental bicycles and cycling trails on the Chita Peninsula.
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Pedal House AEON MALL Tokoname store reopens!
The reception location will be relocated to the center of the building of AEON MALL Tokoname and started as a [Omotenashi Salon].
2022It is START on Friday, April 1, 2010.

* Closed every Wednesday from December 2022.

Notice of end of rental cycle

Instagram was opened

And pedal House

How to enjoy

The predecessor of the pedal House
"Love fell! Cycling "project history

Under the supervision: AISAN Racing Team
By Kenji representative Nakane
AISAN Racing Team headquartered in Higashiura, Chita peninsula is a professional bicycle stage to fight Asian teams.
Also for competitive improvement every year, European race also participated in are.
Environment can continue to run the world's roads, cars and bicycles are climbers safe and everyone has felt.
People in recent years, but Japan life enjoy cycling as a sport on the rise.
Support the cycling does not require large facilities through secure and leads to the health information center "pedal House".

Management company: Chita peninsula information
The company, which consists of representatives of more than 80 local small and medium-sized enterprises, is working to revitalize the region by collecting people, goods and services from Chita Peninsula and aiming to deliver information that will lead to further value.
Currently, the mobile app "Deeplo"(Diplo)reception and rental of rental bicycle "pedal house", hospitality tour(Guided tours)We are active mainly in planning and operation of guidance business, sales of motorcycle stands, installation business, etc.